The Introduction Of Johnny McGregor [Character Story]

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Johnny McGregor
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The Introduction Of Johnny McGregor [Character Story]

Postby Johnny McGregor » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:12 am

Johnny McGregor, A former teacher that used to teach law class in, Angel Pine Schoolhouse. Johnny never ever expect to ever be a teacher as when he was a youngion little boy he dispised them as he hated school. But when he grew older he noticed how fun it was to teach and make changes in the world one class at a time. Johnny's natural idea was to become a deputy in the San Andreas State Police, but obviously his life went different. But we never know and at any time he may pursue the life of law enforcment one day out.
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Johnny McGregor was born in Angel Pine and he has always loved the place small town not much people and the light winds are relaxing. Johnny McGregor was one of a few siblings in his medium sized house where is mom,grandma,grandpa,and 2 other brothers lived. It was tough growing up as his brothers pushed him around and his father leaving him at such as young age. But luckfully he had is mom to keep him well-rounded and he turned out to be a healthy human with no type of mental,physical,emotional, problems or things like that. Him and his family are thankful for the blessing that was given upon them. As one of his brothers rott in jail and his other brother that moved to Monty he seems to be the brightest of the bunch. Hopefully Johnny will one day reach his goal of being a law enforcement officer to protect and serve the country side.
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Re: The Introduction Of Johnny McGregor [Character Story]

Postby JoaquinGuzman » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:43 pm

Cool ! Hope to see ya' ingame :)

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