Angel Pine Penal Code [UPDATED 7/19/2016]

Under this section, you can see the current laws of Angel Pine.
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Angel Pine Penal Code [UPDATED 7/19/2016]

Postby Roman Archer » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:44 pm

(Credit to Diego and Charles Lopes for re-writing)


Angel Pine Penal Code



(1).Aiding and abetting a crime

The act of assisting and or abetting in a criminal activity is prohibited. This includes:

a) Directly Assisting the individual
b) Indirectly assisting the individual(Not reporting the crime to law enforcement)
Time: 60 minutes
Fine: 1500$

The act of purposely igniting buildings, property, wild land, public areas or vehicles with intent to cause damage is strictly prohibited
Time: 60 minutes
Fine: Property Damaged Total.

(3).Attempted murder of civilian
A person attempting to kill another person with no means of self protection.
Time: 80 minutes
(3.1). Attempted murder of a government employee
A person who attempted to kill a government employee.
Time: 100 minutes
A person who unlawfully kills another with malice aforethought.
Time: 150 minutes
Time: 95 minutes
Fine 3000$

(4). Buying Illegal Firearms
A person who intentionally purchases an illegal firearm from a dealer.
Time: minutes
(4.1). Possession of a Felony Firearm.
A person possessing An Illegal Firearm
Time: 70 minutes
(4.2).Discharging A Firearm
A person who fires a firearm without due cause or justifiable motive regardless of registration status or legality.
Time: 20 minutes
Fine: 550$

(4.3).Selling/Distributing Illegal Firearms
Time: 90 minutes

(5). Evasion Of A Peace Officer.
Person who is evading after breaking a law. while operating a motor vehicle and with the intent to evade, willfully flees or otherwise attempts to elude a pursuing peace officer’s motor vehicle
Time: 30 minutes
(5.1). Felony Evasion
A person evading after committing a Felony, attempting to elude Law Enforcement.
Time: 45 minutes
(5.2).Resisting Arrest
A person who attempts to resist detainment of a Peace Officer.
Time: 10 minutes (Added to the jail sentence)

(6).Obstruction Of Justice
A person who interferes with police investigations.
Officer should give a warning prior to submitting the offense.
Time: 40 minutes

(7). Robbery
A person who attempts to/successfully steals from a person/store.
Time: 40 minutes
(7.1).Armed Robbery
A person who tries to steal with the possession of a deadly weapon
Time: 60 minutes
(7.2).Attempted Robbery
Time: 30 minutes
(7.3). Grand Theft Auto
A person who commits the theft of any vehicle, no matter the value.
Time: 45 minutes

(8).Possession Of A Controlled Substance
A person who possesses any controlled substance, except when the substance has been lawfully prescribed to them by a licensed practitioner of medicine or is legally available without a prescription.
Time: 70 minutes
(8.1).Selling/Distributing A Controlled Substance
The act of selling or distributing any type of Narcotics
Time: 90 minutes

The act of forcefully inserting a phallic object or bodily parts into another person is prohibited. (This includes vaginal and anal insertions)
Time: 120 Minutes
(9.1).Sexual Assault
A person who threatens imminent harm or non consensual sexual contact or puts another under the belief of imminent harm or non consensual sexual contact
Time: 80 Minutes
(9.2).Human Trafficking
The act of holding an individual against their will with intent to move them for the following reasons is strictly prohibited:

a) Sexual trafficking
b) Forced Marriage
c) Organ Extraction

Time: 90 Minutes
The act of forcefully taking a person against their will is strictly prohibited.
Time: 105 minutes
(9.3)Public Indecency
A person who intentionally exposes their naked body or genitalia on public property or in the public area of a privately owned business.
Time: 40 Minutes
Fine: 500$

(10).Impersonation Of A Law Enforcement Officer
The impersonation of an LEO is strictly prohibited under all circumstances. This includes the following:

a) Verbal Identification
b) Physical Identification (Includes stolen)
c) Forged or fraudulent police documents or badges (Includes stolen)
d) Fake or fraudulent police issued equipment, vehicles, decals and sirens (Includes stolen)The impersonation of an LEO is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.
Time: 60 Minutes


The act of an LEO officer or government employee accepting goods or services in exchange to alter views on specific subject or otherwise alter their reaction to a situation is strictly prohibited.
Time: 120 Minutes

(12).Vandalism Of Public Property
The act of intentionally damaging or destroying public property is prohibited.
Time: 20 Minutes
Fine: 5000$ and Fee Of Damaged Property

(12.1). Vandalism Of Government Property
The act of vandalizing or destroying government owned property is strictly prohibited.
Time: 30 Minutes
Fine: 10,000$ And a fee of damaged property

(13).Tax Evasion
The act of intentionally lying to a tax authority in an attempt to avoid accurate taxation is strictly prohibited.
Time: 80 Minutes
Fine 1550$

(14).Public Intoxication/Disturbing The Peace
A person who is found in any public place under the influence of intoxicating liquor.
Time: 20 Minutes
Fine: 300$

The act of bullying somebody based on their sexuality, race, religion, size, hair color, or anything like that.
Time: 45 Minutes
Fine: 500$

(16).Animal Cruelty
The act of intentionally harming an animal or placing it in a point of danger with intent to injure, unless for medical reasons, is strictly prohibited.
Time: 75 Minutes
Fine: 2000$


(17).Driving Without A License
A driver who operates a vehicle with no valid drivers license.
Time: 20 Minutes
Fine: 200$

(17.1).Driving On a suspended License
A driver who operates a vehicle with a suspended drivers license.
Time: 40 Minutes
Fine: 600$

(18).Street Racing
The act of preforming an illegal race.
Time: 55 minutes
Fine: $1500 + Driver’s License Revoked

The act of being on private property without consent.
Time: 30 minutes
Fine: $500 + Property damage (if any)

(20).Vehicular Endangerment
The act of operating a vehicle really recklessly endangering others lives.
Time: 20 minutes
Fine $600

(19).Failure To Pay A Ticket
Owner fails to pay off his citation.
Time: 30 minutes
Fine $500

(20).Assaulting An On Duty Police Officer
Physically Assaulting An Officer. (This Includes body fluids such as spit, pee, ETC)
Time: 60 minutes
Fine: $1000

Physically Assaulting another civilian .(This Includes body fluids such as spit, pee, ETC)
Time: 20 minutes
Fine $1000

(21).Disturbing The Peace
This includes yelling, Excessively honking the horn of your vehicle.
Time: 45 minutes
Fine: $300



(22).Failure To Stop At An Intersection/Crosswalk
Drivers drives through the intersection without coming to a complete stop, looking both ways.
Fine $500

(23).Failure To Yield To An Emergency Vehicle
Driver fails to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle with the lights or sirens activated.
Fine: $250

(24).Illegally Parking
Driver fails to park on the right hand side of the road with two wheels on the sidewalk two on the street.
Fine: $250 = (Impound of Vehicle)

Driver is driving past the speed limit.
Fine: $300 (+20 every mph over)

Pedestrians who fail to use the crosswalks.
Fine : $20

Civilians who throw trash onto the ground.
Fine: $50

(28).Hydraulics On A Public Roadway
A person driving a vehicle that uses hydraulic equipment while in driving on a public roadway.
Fine: $600



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